Enter The Dragon – Film at Virginia Theatre

Enter The Dragon - Film Tickets

Virginia Theatre | Champaign, Illinois

Are you excited about the upcoming program of the favorite movie theatre of Champaign film admirers? And you should be, because its brightest highlight will undoubtedly be watching Enter The Dragon on the big screen. On of the most promising productions of Bruce Lee is being shown on the big screen and will take the patrons on an exciting and breath-taking adventure in the world of the 7th art! Tell your movie-minded friends or family members to add to their schedules a trip to Virginia Theatre this June, secure your seats and treat yourselves with this magnificent film delight!

Enter The Dragon - Film at Virginia Theatre

If you’re ready to treat yourself or your loved ones with an exciting trip to the movies this June, you’re on the right place! Virginia Theatre might be just the right place for you, as the most popular movie hall in Champaign and beyond has announced an incredible upcoming program full of unmissable hits.

The Virginia Theatre will do their best to ensure the most authentic movie experience thanks to the wide mix of amazing perks. If you’re a fan of enjoying tantalizing drinks and snacks during the projection, you’ll be glad to know there’s an endless choice of them on-site. What’s more, the spacious rooms, comfy seating and superb lighting will make you feel right at home so you can just kick back and enjoy the action on screen in a low key atmosphere.

So tell your friends or family, secure your seats and visit Virginia Theatre for an exciting trip in the world of movies! See Enter The Dragon, one of Bruce Lee's most famous films together.

Enter The Dragon - Film at Virginia Theatre

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