Mania – The ABBA Tribute at Virginia Theatre

Mania - The ABBA Tribute Tickets

Virginia Theatre - Il | Champaign, Illinois

Mania - The ABBA Tribute

Mania - The ABBA Tribute is probably one of the most awe-inspiring and absolutely the greatest pop act there is right now, with so many catchy tunes, Mania - The ABBA Tribute is legendary! The winter, 2024 states tour is expected to be bigger than before, and we are all SO excited! Get along to the brilliant Virginia Theatre, Champaign, Illinois on Wednesday 10th January 2024 for the evening of your life it's going to be the pop experience you always dreamed of Grab tickets for this Wednesday evening of Mania - The ABBA Tribute live on stage....simply press the 'get tickets' icon above right away!

The best national artists in the country are always looking for awesome venues for their tours and the world famous Virginia Theatre is proud to be chosen by Mania - The ABBA Tribute for one of their January shows. In the past, this arena has hosted all of the greats, and if you are anyone in the pop industry then you’ll know that the only place you want to perform infront of your die hard fans is the Virginia Theatre! With such high energy fans, the atmosphere generated is absolutely unbelievable, which is exactly why people are always coming back for more. If you come down then you’re sure to be in for an incredible and unforgettable night. So if you want to join others who have already booked tickets to watch Mania - The ABBA Tribute live, then all you have to do is click the Buy Tickets button below.

Mania - The ABBA Tribute at Virginia Theatre - Il

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