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Virginia Theatre - Il | Champaign, Illinois

The Music Man

Meredith Wilson’s production, The Music Man, will be coming to Virginia Theatre on Friday 4th August 2023. This extraordinary production is the exemplar of the musical category. It has graced the podiums and has been turned into movies. That is the might of this amazing story. Now, it's your turn, fans are getting ready for some brilliant performances from the cast and the most staggering visuals ever with a melodious soundtrack to boot. Tickets are rapidly selling out so don’t delay snap up yours right now before it too late, you’re not going to want to miss out on this chance.

Set in the American Midwest, a narrative of dishonesty and passion comes to the stage. The central character Harold Hill, a rouge arrives to a town of unaware unfortunates. The town is called River City and to make his cash in a sleazy way Harold must lure the inhabitants that they must obtain uniforms and instruments in order for the place to start a boy’s musical band.

Harold has no intent to deliver on his deal but trustful people don’t know that yet. It was a steadfast plan until a very sharp Librarian and Piano teacher, Marian Paroo gets concerned. As she is about to tell the victims about his diabolical plan, something curious happens.

She finds herself falling for the rather charming appealing Harold who assists her brother with a speech impediment and social gracelessness problem with the arrival of a new instrument.

Will Harold keep his word? Will the boy’s band win? Will Marion and Harold begin a music band of their own? Find out by getting some tickets of your own, right now but be quick, they are selling out fast.

The Music Man at Virginia Theatre - Il

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