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Virginia Theatre - Il | Champaign, Illinois

The Music Man

Be ready to have your heart touched with this fantastic tale created by Meredith Wilson. The fans love it and some of them have even seen it several times and whether it is your first, or whatever time, you can expect to be amazed at this forthcoming performance with breathtaking performances from the cast, amazing music, dazzling costumes and a perfect set. The show will be coming to Virginia Theatre on Saturday 5th August 2023. But, be quick because places are becoming rare. You can get yours here before it is too late.

The Music Man musical is a fantastic piece of Americana history. It is set in the early twentieth century. Where a fast talking traveling sales person, Harold Hill, tries to con the town of River City.

The con goes something like this; the town of River City gets a brand-new pool table but Harold persuades the people that it will corrupt the boys and a better idea is to start a boy’s music band. Happily Harold not only has the response to the pool table enigma but can also supply the gear and clothing that the city will need to create their group.

Harold’s plan is unfolding nicely and the town’s families start handing over their hard-earned dosh, but a thorn in his plan happens in the form of Marian Paroo. Marian sees right through him and starts obtaining the data she needs to criminalize Harold, until Marian makes a U-turn.

With a top-notch cast that is dressed in the most bonny costume design and a musical score. Find out what happens next in this fantastic story by snapping up your tickets right now.

The Music Man at Virginia Theatre - Il

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