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Virginia Theatre - Il | Champaign, Illinois

The Music Man

The production, The Music Man, is a enjoyable time for the whole family. It is, after all, a true classic notable of it’s mantle of being one of the genres most pronounced shows. Created by Meredith Wilson, this touching story has left critics stunned and now a rendition is coming Virginia Theatre on Sunday 6th August 2023. This musical will have some of the most stunning performances to ever honor a stage and compounded with staggering music as well as visuals. It’s not something that you are going to want to miss out on, so what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets before they are sold out.

Described as one of the all-time greats, The Music Man tells the story of conman Harold Hill who pulls up to a town called River City to a bunch of hesitant but innocent towns people. Harold, being the conman that he is, devises a plan to rob them of their hard-earned cash by convincing them to start a musical band for boys.

The catch is that the town’s folk must buy their uniforms and instruments from Harold, but the equipment will never arrive after all, Harold isn’t the genuine type. The star of Harold’s con is the amazing “Think System” which starts the whole deception in motion. Eventually he starts receiving money from the unsuspecting victims, but a very astute Marian Paroo, a Piano teacher herself sees right through Harold and gets ready to inform on him.

Harold’s one saving feature is that he assists Marian’s younger sibling with his social anxiety which gives the shrewd piano teacher a change of heart. What will happen next? Will Marian sing to Harold’s tune, or will Harold end up in the slammer? Well, there is only one way to know.

Audiences have been buying their tickets early, so be sure to get yours right now before they run out.

The Music Man at Virginia Theatre - Il

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