The Two Popes – Film at Virginia Theatre

The Two Popes - Film Tickets

Virginia Theatre | Champaign, Illinois

There are some great news for all the Champaign movie fans! The highly anticipated The Two Popes – Film is finally hitting the big screen this May, and local and traveling enthusiasts are already flooding the ticket stands to secure the ultimate viewing spots in the renowned Virginia Theatre. Movie critics and fans in the know alike esteem The Two Popes – Film to be one of the most successful and unmissable productions of 2023, so better speed up and order your ticket today to enjoy an authentic and exciting Wednesday evening out by yourself or with your close ones!

The Two Popes - Film at Virginia Theatre

When Champaign movie admirers demand the ultimate setting to sample the 7th art at its finest, Virginia Theatre delivers it. The cinema hall ticks all the boxes for securing an authentic film experience and has a long history of bringing joy and delight to its patrons of all stripes. The hosts deliver a wide variety of conveniences including superb acoustics, sightlines and sound system, as well as endless amounts of drinks and snacks to boot. The sizable and comfy seats, on other hand, allow the patrons to just kick back, forget their worries and immerse into the exciting movie plot completely. A great additional bonus of the venue is its close proximity to convenient parking lots and some of the finest dining and drinking locations in town. Take a front row view of the upcoming program, secure your seat and gift yourself or your loved ones with this exquisite movie delight!

The Two Popes - Film at Virginia Theatre

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